Родословная WOLF vom Zarenreich

WOLF vom Zarenreich

Окрас: n22

Дата рождения: 4.11.2008
Summerplace Willow

Q`s Blue Bear of Magic Love

Eyck from Glowing Eyes

Timberhills Madras

Svenja vom Altwasser
DK*Mountaineer`s Pink`n Ink

Belushie`s Utah

DK*Shanty`s Autumn Bliss

Summerplace Panthera

Top Coon Caruso

ZZ Top of Gentle Lions
Anya Avica Wiktoria Top Coon

Champagnes Beuty Coonmania`s H.Lucas
DK Shanty`s Dancing Feather
Warwara vom Zarenreich Arthus de Maison-Madelis

SSL Blue Bubble Gum

Tanstaafl Copper Penny of SSL

Lunarcoons Suzannah of SSL

Bellacoon's D?lice

Asturia`s Prototype-Jack

SSL Magic Moments

Catch-up-Coon`s Ivana

Jaqquy Fingglas of Noah`s Ark

Coonyham Noah Brubaker

Willowplace Dyvyne

Coutney of Coon-Castle

Tropikoons Frostfire
Norma Jean of Coon-Castle